Identifying Occurrences of Elder Neglect

Golden Heart Senior Care pic
Golden Heart Senior Care

Angelo Consiglio, MD, is a Florida-based ear, nose, and throat physician with more than 30 years of experience helping patients achieve wellness. Dr. Angelo Consiglio’s professional activities extend to a position with Golden Heart Senior Care, through which he undertakes advocacy against elder abuse.

More common than many people imagine, elder abuse is a growing concern among authorities, with half a million cases reported each year. Forms of elder abuse include physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, as well as neglect. The latter is particularly prevalent and constitutes the majority of reported cases of elder abuse. Elder neglect typically involves failure on the part of the caretaker to fulfill obligations and provide the necessary care, given the patient’s deteriorating ability to care for him or herself.

The signs of self-neglect or caregiver neglect include malnutrition and unexplained weight loss, as well as skin issues such as bed sores. In addition, general living conditions may be unsanitary, with bedding and clothing soiled, and bugs present. Other aspects of neglect include insufficient heating, the presence of fire hazards, and lack of essentials such as running water. In cases of suspected elder neglect, it makes sense to notify the appropriate local authorities, who can investigate further.

Research on Middle Ear Infections Shows Genetic Link

Middle Ear Infections pic
Middle Ear Infections

A respected Marianna, Florida, ear, nose, and throat physician, Dr. Angelo Consiglio practices at Jackson Hospital. Emphasizing a personalized approach to medicine, Angelo Consiglio, MD, offers experienced care for issues such as hoarseness, chronic cough, facial pain, and ear infection.

Particularly common among infants and children, acute otitis media (middle ear infections) are the leading reason for prescribing antibiotics to young people. Typically caused by viral or bacterial infections, the condition affects the space behind the eardrum filled with air and featuring delicate vibrating bones. Often painful, it can involve a damaging fluid buildup that places pressure on the eardrum.

Recent research on acute otitis media involved the analysis of 13,000 children’s DNA samples and revealed a genetic link with middle ear infections. This link through the gene FNDC1 has been confirmed through follow-up studies and seems to indicate that risk susceptibility may need to be reexamined. It could result in a more active diagnosis of the condition and more focus in finding effective prevention routes.

Parathyroid Disease – Symptoms and Diagnosis

Parathyroid Disease pic
Parathyroid Disease

Dr. Angelo Consiglio belongs to several professional organizations, including the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. As physician and owner of a solo practice in Marianna, Florida, Angelo Consiglio, MD, assists patients who present medical problems relating to the head and neck.

Parathyroid glands, located in the neck and approximately the size and shape of rice, are part of the endocrine system. Although parathyroid glands are situated behind the thyroid gland, they don’t have anything to do with the thyroid.

Calcium levels are regulated by the parathyroid glands, and when parathyroid disease occurs, calcium levels can become out of range, leaving high calcium levels to circulate in the urine and blood. Irregular calcium levels can cause issues in the body, such as fragile bones, joint pain, abdominal pain, depression, weakness, and fatigue.

Symptoms of parathyroid disease can be mistaken for other conditions, which is why specific tests are used to rule this disease out. The checks may include a 24-hour urine collection test, bone mineral density test, sestamibi parathyroid scan, and kidney imaging.

American Rhinologic Society Hosts 2016 Summer Meeting

American Rhinologic Society pic
American Rhinologic Society

An experienced otolaryngologist, Dr. Angelo Consiglio sees patients as a staff member at Jackson Hospital in Marianna, Florida. Complementing his professional work, Angelo Consiglio, MD, maintains memberships with a number of medical associations, including the American Rhinologic Society (ARS).

Dedicated to supporting the professional growth of its members, ARS hosts an annual Summer Meeting which brings together the nation’s leading otolaryngologists for several days of engaging educational opportunities. This year, the association hosted its 5th annual meeting on July 15 and 16 at Westin Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Illinois. Through the support of such sponsors as Cook Medical and Olympus America Inc., the event featured numerous specialized panels on important industry topics.

During the Summer Meeting, attendees had the opportunity to attend short practice-related sessions on everything from handling surgical complications to necessary preoperative procedures. The meeting also provided updates on several emerging subjects such as the treatment of asthma and similar allergic conditions. Those who wished to earn continuing medical education credits for attending the meeting could also participate in the rhinology course. In addition to current topics, this session allowed otolaryngologists to gain a first-hand look at the human sinus cavity during a live cadaver dissection. Those who completed the requirements of the course were eligible to earn over 15 credits through the American Medical Association.

Session Offerings at the 6th Annual ARS Summer Sinus Symposium


American Rhinologic Society pic
American Rhinologic Society

A surgeon and physician with more than three decades of medical experience, Angelo Consiglio, MD, has run Allergy Ear Nose and Throat, Inc. in Marathon, Florida since 2010. Presently he is a member of the Jackson Hospital Medical Staff in Marianna, Florida. His specialty focus is Rhinology and Allergy. A member of various professional organizations, Dr. Angelo Consiglio recently attended the American Rhinologic Society’s 6th Annual Summer Sinus Symposium.

The event, which took place in Chicago, Illinois, in July, featured two full days of educational programming that discussed a wide range of clinical rhinology topics. The first day began with three panel discussions that explored sinus surgery, surgical management, and cadaver dissection. Each discussion touched on three objectives of importance to the subject.

The panel discussions continued after lunch, with three more pertinent topics addressed by a host of expert panelists. Throughout the day, attendees had the opportunity to visit the exhibition, which offered product and service demonstrations from more than two dozen exhibitors.

Day two of the symposium offered another morning full of informative sessions. In the afternoon, participants could choose one of four breakout sessions with a total of 14 additional topics, including medical and surgical management of sinus headaches, allergy testing and monitoring, and rhinology practice innovation.

Partners for Pets Seeks Help from Volunteers

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Partners for Pets

Angelo Consiglio, MD is affiliated with Jackson Hospital in Marianna, Florida. He previously served as a physician at Allergy Ear Nose & Throat Ltd, located in St. Charles, Illinois. When not practicing medicine, Angelo Consiglio, MD, is involved with Partners for Pets.

A licensed, nonprofit, no-kill, animal rescue center based in Troy, Illinois, Partners for Pets helps abandoned animals find forever homes and visits animal control facilities to rescue animals that need medical care, are too fragile for shelter life, or are in kill shelters. Before adoption, Partners for Pets provides each animal a range of veterinary care, which may include shots, spaying/neutering, and grooming. Since 2003, Partners for Pets has rescued more than 14,000 cats and dogs from other shelters. In 2015 alone, it placed1,348 dogs and cats in new homes.

Since it is a nonprofit organization, Partners for Pets relies on help from volunteers. They help the shelter in three areas.

1. They adopt a pet. Potential adopters fill out an online application to ensure that the desired pet is an ideal fit.

2. They foster a pet. Some pets need one-on-one interaction instead of being at the shelter. Stressed and timid animals can adapt better at homes as well. Partners for Pets covers all medical costs and food and supplies a crate if needed.

3. They volunteer with the organization. Everyone can contribute at Partners for Pets, whether it involves fundraising, cleaning, or helping at events.

American Rhinologic Society Hosts Sixth Summer Sinus Symposium

American Rhinologic Society pic
American Rhinologic Society

With more than two decades of experience as an otolaryngologist, Dr. Angelo Consiglio currently practices at Jackson Hospital in Marianna, Florida. To help him remain up-to-date on changes in the field, Angelo Consiglio, MD, maintains membership in the American Rhinologic Society and attended the 2016 Summer Sinus Symposium.

Established in 1954, the American Rhinologic Society seeks to advance the science and ethical practice of rhinology. Rhinology deals with disorders of the nose, sinuses, and skull base. The Society also promotes research, education, and excellence in regard to patient care. In addition, the organization offers members continuing medical education activities and fosters networking relationships among its members.

The sixth annual Summer Sinus Symposium took place July 15 and 16, 2016, in Chicago, Illinois. Attendees watched experts dissect cadaver sinuses and listened to keynote speakers. National leaders in rhinology led discussions on a variety of topics, including balloon dilation technology, post-nasal drip, and pediatric rhinosinusitis. They also had an opportunity to garner continuing education credits for participating in the symposium. The 2017 event is scheduled for July 14 through 16 in Washington, D.C.