Balloon Sinuplasty – New Treatment for Sinus Problems

Balloon sinuplasty

Dr. Angelo Consiglio practices otolaryngic medicine at his practice in Marianna, Florida. As an ear, nose, and throat doctor, Angelo Consiglio, MD, focuses on allergies and ailments of the head and neck, including sinus problems.

Balloon sinuplasty, also called balloon sinus dilation, is a relatively new procedure used to treat ailments of the sinuses. The process can relieve sinus headaches, congestion, and issues with smelling or tasting.

The minimally invasive procedure can be conducted in a doctor’s office. The patient receives local anesthesia, and a balloon catheter is then threaded into the affected sinus. The balloon is inflated, which expands the sinus cavity. A saline solution is sprayed into the region, flushing out mucus.

When the balloon is removed, the sinus is open and clear. The full process can be completed in one session, eliminating the need for sinus surgery or medication.