The Qualities of a Good Youth Sports Coach


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Youth Sports Coach

In addition to caring for patients in his work as an ear, nose, and throat physician, Angelo Consiglio, MD, has coached youth sports. Dr. Angelo Consiglio has worked with a number of youth baseball teams, including St. Francis High School’s summer league baseball team. To succeed in youth sports coaching, it is important to exhibit the following qualities.

1. Patience is crucial as youth players may not always follow instructions as quickly as or consistently you would like. You may also need to deal with children’s big emotions and offer more in-depth explanations to players so they understand their roles in the team.

2. A strong thirst for knowledge about the game you coach is also important. After all, it is difficult to relay instructions and information to youngsters if you don’t really understand the game yourself.

3. A good youth sports coach will also be on the lookout for team building opportunities outside of regular practices and games. Examples of team building range from going out to eat as a team after a game or attending outside events together as a group to simpler gestures, like encouraging team members to give each other high fives. This shows the youngsters the importance of coming together so they can work on common goals.