Airborne Allergens at Home That Cause Chronic Sinus Issues


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Angelo Consiglio

Based in Marianna, Florida, Angelo Consiglio, MD, treats patients for diverse ear, nose, and throat conditions. Dr. Angelo Consiglio has extensive experience in the management of allergies, which are often related to minute particles in the air and may cause persistent sinus issues.

Prevalent triggers include airborne allergens such as dust and dust mites, which can cause wheezing and constant sneezing and affect approximately one-half of homes nationwide. The indoor area should be regularly cleaned as a way of avoiding dust buildup.

Another major home issue is the dander from cats’ and dogs’ coats, as well as their mucus and saliva. Pet-related allergic reactions often develop over a period of months or years and can linger for an extended period after the animal is gone. Vacuum and steam cleaners, air purifiers, and bedding specifically designed to combat allergens are among the products available to alleviate pet-related allergic reactions.

Another common home issue is mold, which flourishes in dark, damp, confined areas such as basements and closets. The reactions triggered by mold can be particularly severe, and dehumidifiers should be set in place wherever such conditions exist.