Research on Middle Ear Infections Shows Genetic Link

Middle Ear Infections pic

Middle Ear Infections

A respected Marianna, Florida, ear, nose, and throat physician, Dr. Angelo Consiglio practices at Jackson Hospital. Emphasizing a personalized approach to medicine, Angelo Consiglio, MD, offers experienced care for issues such as hoarseness, chronic cough, facial pain, and ear infection.

Particularly common among infants and children, acute otitis media (middle ear infections) are the leading reason for prescribing antibiotics to young people. Typically caused by viral or bacterial infections, the condition affects the space behind the eardrum filled with air and featuring delicate vibrating bones. Often painful, it can involve a damaging fluid buildup that places pressure on the eardrum.

Recent research on acute otitis media involved the analysis of 13,000 children’s DNA samples and revealed a genetic link with middle ear infections. This link through the gene FNDC1 has been confirmed through follow-up studies and seems to indicate that risk susceptibility may need to be reexamined. It could result in a more active diagnosis of the condition and more focus in finding effective prevention routes.