Avoiding Scams That Target the Elderly in a Rapidly Aging America

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Golden Heart Senior Care
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With experience as ear, nose, and throat physician extending more than a decade, Dr. Angelo Consiglio practices at Jackson Hospital in Marianna, Florida. Angelo Consiglio, MD, also advocates against elder abuse as Golden Heart Senior Care representative for the Florida region.

A growing problem in a rapidly aging society, elder abuse causes an estimated $36 billion in financial losses each year. This is expected to increase in the coming years, as the number of people turning 60 each month in the United States totals approximately one million.

Those with conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease are particularly susceptible to criminals who perpetrate scams such as posing as a grandchild. The perpetrator calls the older person with a fabricated emergency that requires the immediate wiring of money. The grandparent may be confused and unable to differentiate the real grandkid from a fraudster, particularly when simply hearing a voice over the telephone.

As a safeguard against this type of situation of mistaken identity, it makes sense to set in place an easy-to-remember “safe word.” This is provided as requested by the caller, as a way of ensuring the person’s true identity and avoiding any potential confusion.