Sinus Treatments – Balloon Sinuplasty

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Angelo Consiglio

Angelo Consiglio, MD, is a physician practicing mainly in the area of ear, nose, and throat care, providing treatment through his private practice in Marianna, Florida. Among the many innovative procedures performed by Dr. Angelo Consiglio, balloon sinuplasty helps people who suffer from sinus issues.

In the past, when a patient required surgery to clear a blocked sinus, it often meant that patient would undergo an invasive procedure involving cutting and even removing tissue. However, modern advances in non-invasive care gave rise to a new approach called the balloon sinuplasty (BSP), which the United States Food and Drug Administration approved in the mid-2000s.

The procedure involves inserting a balloon catheter into the sinuses and expanding it to create a wider opening, through which the sinus can drain. After the removal of the balloon catheter at the end of a BSP, the sinuses often remain open. According to clinical research on the procedure, patients reported improvement in their symptoms following BSP. In fact, over 325,000 patients internationally have undergone BSP treatment to date.