Balloon Sinusplasty Procedure Helps Treat Sinus Conditions

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The Southwest Florida area representative for Golden Heart Senior Care, Angelo Consiglio. MD, possesses over two decades of medical experience in otolaryngology. Dr. Angelo Consiglio continues to advance his knowledge in the field, and began training in a new procedure to relieve sinus problems in 2013. Known as balloon sinuplasty, it reopens and reshapes the nasal passages without the removal of tissue.

Balloon sinuplasty (BSP) offers a simpler solution to a variety of sinus conditions that interfere with nasal drainage. Intended to accelerate recovery and reduce bleeding, the procedure provides an alternative to traditional surgery, taking inspiration from cardiology, which frequently uses balloons to dilate blocked arteries. The procedure uses the balloon to open blocked sinus passages. Doctors can perform the procedure in-office, and most patients recover within 24 hours.

Traditional treatments for sinus drainage problems required the removal of bone or sinus tissue to enlarge the nasal passage. The introduction of balloons began in 2005. Conditions the procedure treats include recurrent infections and seasonal and environmental allergies.