Elder Abuse in America

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Dr. Angelo Consiglio has been practicing as an ear, nose, and throat physician for over a decade. Currently practicing at Jackson Hospital, Angelo Consiglio, MD, is the Southwest Florida area representative of Golden Heart Senior Care, which advocates against elder abuse.

Elder abuse encompasses any intentional or neglectful act committed by anyone that causes harm or the risk of harm to elders or vulnerable adults.

The harm can take the form of physical abuse causing physical pain; sexual abuse through non-consensual sexual contact; neglectful failure of caregivers to provide food, water, shelter, or healthcare; emotional abuse causing mental pain; abandonment; and exploitation involving the illegal misuse of funds.

The losses incurred as a result of abuse include the loss of homes, health, life savings, independence, and security.

It is estimated that between 4-6 percent of elders suffer abuse and every year, up to $24 billion is lost from the senior community through financial elder abuse. It has been proven that the victims of such abuse have shorter life expectancy than the non-abused elders.

Signs of abuse include physical bruises such as abrasions, burns, and broken bones; unusual withdrawal; abrupt financial position changes; unusual weight loss; poor hygiene; and strained relationships with caregivers.