Elder Care Abuse Prevention

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Golden Heart
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Since 2011, Angelo Consiglio, MD, has been the area representative of southwest Florida for Golden Heart Senior Care. Through medical professionals like Dr. Angelo Consiglio, Golden Heart provides assisted-living and other services for seniors.

One issue Golden Heart is concerned about is elder abuse, which involves more than $24 billion in theft, scams, and other criminal acts each year. This abuse can come through direct mail, phone communication, and online fraud. Sometimes, the abusers are immediate or extended family members, while in other cases, the family doesn’t live close enough to provide the senior with protection from predators.

Golden Heart strives to educate seniors and their families about the need to deal with licensed, bonded, and insured caregivers or agencies, and to be careful with hiring practices. Seniors can become victims of unlicensed caregivers, who often use a combination of grifting techniques and conventional forgery to take advantage of their elderly charges.