About the Services of Fishermen’s Community Hospital

A physician with over 10 years of experience treating medical and surgical problems involving the head and neck, Dr. Angelo Consiglio recently joined the medical staff of Marianna, Florida’s Jackson Hospital. Angelo Consiglio, MD, was previously a member of the credentials committee and department chairman with Fishermen’s Community Hospital (FCH).

A nonprofit community-owned healthcare facility serving Marathon, Florida, Fishermen’s Community Hospital is dedicated to excellence in healthcare, wellness, and education. With a wide range of services, including but not limited to dietary, physical therapy, and surgical and emergency services, FCH focuses on convenient, family-centered care supported by the latest medical technology. The hospital has three operating rooms and separate areas for ambulatory surgery and endoscopy procedures, as well as a comfortable post-surgery recovery unit. As a community resource, FCH is partially staffed by volunteers who hold special events throughout the year and work at visitors’ and hospitality locations in the hospital.

Additionally, Fishermen’s Community Hospital offers two walk-in clinics in Key Colony Beach and Big Pine Key for issues that don’t require long-term or emergency services.