Balloon Sinuplasty – An Option for Long-term Sinus Relief

An assistant professor of otolaryngology at Florida International University, Dr. Angelo Consiglio is a graduate of Chicago’s University of Illinois College of Medicine. He is also the owner of the Florida Keys Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Key West, where he pioneers the use of hCG as an effective weight loss treatment. Currently, Angelo Consiglio, MD, performs balloon sinuplasty, a new treatment for sinus problems.

An effective treatment for blocked sinus pathways, balloon sinuplasty uses small catheters in the nose and sinus to restore drainage. The procedure is minimally invasive, and because it does not involve tissue or bone removal, recovery time is often shorter and costs are lower than traditional sinus surgery.

Due to the often difficult and precise nature of the procedure, a thin balloon catheter is inserted into the sinus through an inflamed passageway, it is often only as effective as the surgeon performing it. There are some sinus issues that the procedure cannot treat, including nasal polyps. However, it has been clinically proven to give qualified patients, instant, long‐lasting relief. Studies show that only about five out of 100 patients who receive the procedure need another.