Balloon Sinus Dilation Offers Faster Recovery Time for Sinusitis

Born in Chicago, Illinois, Dr. Angelo Consiglio has served as an assistant professor of otolaryngology at Florida International University since May 2013. In addition, he serves as an area representative for Florida for Golden Heart Senior Care and oversees Allergy Ear, Nose & Throat, Ltd., a practice with offices in Marathon and Key West, Florida. Angelo Consiglio, MD, also has extensive training in one of the newest procedures to relieve sinus problems, balloon sinus dilation.

According to 2014 numbers provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than 28.5 million adults deal with diagnosed sinusitis. Unfortunately, sinusitis can be a difficult condition to treat, and some patients end up undergoing several sinus surgeries without finding respite.

To combat this problem, more doctors’ offices are offering balloon sinus dilation services. This in-office procedure involves using a small balloon to open the inflamed sinuses, similar to the way doctors perform balloon angioplasty. Because it does not remove the bone or tissue from the nose, the patient recovers more quickly. While balloon sinus dilation may be helpful for many, ideal patients do not have dramatic issues pertaining to their nasal anatomy. Please check with your doctor to see if the procedure is right for you.