Treating Sinusitis with Balloon Sinus Dilation

Dr. Angelo Consiglio is the owner of Allergy Ear Nose & Throat, Inc., in Key West, Florida. He previously owned and operated Allergy Ear Nose & Throat, Ltd., in Chicago. Angelo Consiglio, MD, has become an expert in the balloon sinus dilation procedure.

Balloon sinus dilation is a procedure used to treat patients with chronic sinusitis, a condition that can be described as inflammation of the sinus lining. In some cases, the inflammation creates swelling that blocks the sinus opening and prevents regular mucus draining. Further complications, such as pain and frequent infections, can occur due to this persistent swelling.

Sinusitis is often preceded and caused by traditional allergies or colds, with the major difference being the duration of sinusitis, which can last anywhere from four to 12 weeks. In some cases, the symptoms of sinusitis do not subside until an ENT doctor makes a diagnosis and begins proper treatment, such as balloon sinus dilation.