The Benefits of the HCG Diet for Weight Loss

A highly regarded ear, nose, and throat physician based in Key West, Florida, Dr. Angelo Consiglio previously practiced medicine in the Chicago community. Serving the needs of a diverse group of patients, Angelo Consiglio, MD, also heads Florida Keys Medical Weight Loss Clinic, where he offers the human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) diet as a way of enabling patients to safely and quickly lose weight.

The diet involves daily injections of HCG, a hormone produced naturally by pregnant women. The diet also entails food restrictions of approximately 500 calories each day. By strictly adhering to the HCG diet, patients are able to lose as much as one pound each day.

There are several reasons that this diet produces noticeable results so quickly. First, the hormone lessens hunger pangs and allows patients to eat far less than usual and still feel comfortable. As a pro-hormone, HCG increases levels of other hormones in the blood. This is important because hormone imbalances can lead to weight gain-related issues such as thyroid conditions. HCG also plays a vital role in preventing muscle loss while dieting, which helps maintain healthy metabolism.