Investools – An Overview of the Investing Foundation Program

Dr. Angelo Consiglio received his MD from the University of Illinois College of Medicine. His experience includes tenure at Chicago’s Mercy Hospital. Today, Angelo Consiglio, MD, serves patients at Allergy Ear Nose & Throat, Inc., in Marathon, Florida, which is about an hour’s drive from Key West. In addition to his medical work, he has two years of options trading training through the Investools service and five years of options trading experience.

Investools offers investor education provided by professional traders and instructors. The service is ideal for individuals who want to learn more about the stock market and investment vehicles such as mutual funds, bonds, equities, and exchange-traded funds, among others.

Arguably the most useful tool in Investools’ suite of educational offerings, the Investing Foundation Program includes a series of online workshops where participants learn the basics of protecting their capital and mitigating risk. Instructors work in real-time with learners and pass along tips on how to find trendy stocks, when to enter and exit trades, and manage a portfolio.

Specifically, the Investing Foundation Program comprises two courses: Principles of Investing and Introduction to Trading Stocks. The former teachers participants how to identify major types of investments (e.g., equities and mutual funds), find a competent broker, and navigate financial markets, and the latter covers identifying market trends and building a watch list. Trainers allow participants to move at their own pace, so there’s no fear of falling behind in a set curriculum.