Benefits of Physician Assisted Weight Loss

An accomplished otolaryngologist, Dr. Angelo Consiglio practiced in greater Chicago, Illinois, before opening his current Florida practice. Also trained in medical weight loss techniques, Angelo Consiglio, MD, owns and operates the Florida Keys Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Key West.

For people serious about losing weight, physician assisted programs can provide a safe, individualized alternative to traditional dieting. These programs offer the unique benefit of leadership by a medical doctor, who uses his or her professional expertise to analyze a patient’s weight, body fat percentage, metabolism, and other information about general health. With this data, the physician can more appropriately recommend a reduced calorie eating plan.

These programs are particularly relevant in the light of research presented by the Evidence Analysis Library of The American Dietetic Association. The Association offers support for a reduced calorie diet as an effective means of weight loss, which lends credence to physician programs that help patients lower calorie intake while closely monitoring overall wellbeing. In addition, physicians in charge of assisted weight loss programs possess the medical qualifications to recommend supplements where necessary, thus further supporting the safety of the weight loss process.