FIU Students Do Research at Aquarius

A native of Chicago, otolaryngologist and allergist Angelo Consiglio, MD, currently practices at Allergy Ear, Nose and Throat, Inc., near Key West, Florida. Dr. Angelo Consiglio is also clinical assistant professor at Loyola University Medical Center in Chicago and is assistant professor of otolaryngology at Florida International University.

Florida International University was created in 1965 on an abandoned airfield in Miami after the introduction of Senate Bill 711, which called for the creation of a state university there. Currently, FIU is a top-tier research institution that provides bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees to 11,300 students annually.

This past November marked the first research mission to Aquarius, the world’s only undersea laboratory, by four Florida International University students since the university took control of the lab in 2013. The Aquarius Reef Base provides valuable access to study coral reefs and marine life as well as opportunities to use advanced undersea technology. With threat of the laboratory being decommissioned last year, Florida International University enacted an aggressive plan to save Aquarius, and reopened it for use by scientists, private industry, and government agencies.