Florida-Based Physician Raises Awareness for Human Trafficking in Chicago

Human trafficking has been named the second fastest growing criminal activity in the world by the United Nations. Estimates show that up to 27 million people are victims of human trafficking. Dr. Angelo Consiglio of Key West, Florida, supports religious organizations that campaign against human trafficking.

Experts categorize victims of human trafficking as slaves. Through coercion, force, or some type of fraud, victims of human trafficking experience exploitative labor conditions in the service and hospitality industries. Victims of human trafficking are also subjected to the commercial sex trade. Because of Chicago’s central location in the United States and its presence as a major metropolitan area, it is a hub for these crimes. Human traffickers take advantage of easy travel in and out of the city as well as its high tourism rates.

As a supporter of the Institute of the Blessed Virgin Mary (IBVM), Angelo Consiglio, MD, strives to help victims of human trafficking. This worldwide religious organization of nuns and volunteers promotes social justice and works to increase freedom throughout the world. In 2013, the Illinois chapter of the IBVM focused on raising awareness against human trafficking in the Chicago area with written publications and prayer.