Dr. Angelo Consiglio on Feline Rescue in Florida

Thousands of cats are euthanized each year by municipal animal control agencies. Even more troubling, feral and abandoned felines are often unneutered and unvaccinated. To help address this issue in Palm Beach and Key West, Angelo Consiglio, MD, supports Florida’s Forgotten Felines, a non-profit group staffed by volunteers committed to rescuing cats and providing basic veterinary care for them.

Dedicated to a no-kill policy, volunteers with Florida’s Forgotten Felines respond to calls from concerned residents on a daily basis. The organization then humanely traps feral or abandoned cats and transports them to veterinary professionals who provide spaying and neutering services along with vaccinations. Volunteers also facilitate veterinary care for injured cats.

In many cases, healthy cats are returned to their original colony. Florida’s Forgotten Felines strives to reduce the area’s feral cat population by adhering to a Trap Neuter Release (TNR) policy. The group happily accepts volunteers who can contribute by trapping, feeding, and fostering cats. To learn more or submit a volunteer form online, visit floridasforgottenfelines.org.